To the north, Holy Island and the Farne Islands, or to the south, Whitby, are within weekend sailing range. For longer cruises members sail principally to Scotland, and take the Caledonian Canal to the west coast, or visit the Moray Firth and the Orkneys and Shetlands. Holland, Germany, Denmark, the Baltic Sea and Norway are only two or three days sailing distance from Blyth.

Cruising Events

In addition to individuals and groups of members heading off on their own cruises, we have several weekends in our sailing calendar for club cruises. All members are welcome and they are a good way to experiment with sailing somewhere new with the support of others nearby.

These weekends often coincide with events at the destination, such as the Sunderland Airshow – where being afloat gives you the best view of the show!

Cruising Trophies and Logs

We encourage our members to share their cruising experiences and collect Member’s Cruising Logs on this web site.

Trophies are also awarded annually at the prize-giving dinner dance: The Walker Cruising Cup for best written log and the Morpeth “Gay Fox” Trophy for cruising merit. (Entries should be made to the Sailing Secretary by September 30th – contact sailing@rnyc.org.uk)