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Defaced Blue Ensigns

RNYC is proud to be entitled to wear a blue ensign defaced with the badge of the club, the Percy Lion.  Members whos vessels satisfy the conditions and requirements are encouraged to apply for a permit and to wear the ensign. Members should observe the Club’s rules on Flag Etiquette.

Permits are issued under the conditions of a Warrant granted to the Club by the Secretary of State for Defence. The Club cannot vary these conditions and will enforce them strictly.

The conditions and measurement requirements for a permit are:-

  • All the owners of the vessel must be Ordinary, Country or Life members of RNYC
  • The vessel must be registered with the Club
  • The vessel must be Registered as a British vessel under Part I or Part III (Small Ships Register)
  • The vessel must be more than 7 metres in registered length. ( If Part I registered more than 2 tons gross)

To apply, please send the following

  • A photocopy of your Part I or Part lll (SSR) registration document. (Both sides if Part I )
  • A letter confirming that the vessel will not be used for commercial purposes
  • A cheque for £5 made out to the RNYC

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