Roger Hardwich writes:-



Bordermaid was built in 1948 by Woodnuts IOW and was the second Folkboat built to the Scandinavian Rule in England, not to be confused with the British carvel built boats a year or so later. She was delivered to Blyth on a railway train to her proud owner, Rex Irwin.

The SYRU rule allowed only a tiny coachroof and no engine. At some stage probably in the 60s she lost her mast and the opportunity was used to lengthen the coach roof, step the mast on top and fit a 4hp Stuart-Turner engine. She then sported an alloy mast and massive rigging.

I believe at that time she was owned by E.B. Nicholson, who taught many younger members to sail. She was sold to a Sunderland YC member who raced her, but he became seriously ill and the boat fell into disrepair. She was ‘parked’ in Campbell’s yard when I bought her in February 1988.

It would be easier to list the things we did not replace, suffice to say that virtually everything from the keelbolts to the rigging and sails was renewed. What a learning curve, but along with immense satisfaction.

Bordermaid was sold in 1997 to Judith Baker who had new floors and a diesel engine fitted and sold her some years later. She is now at Port Edgar.

Patrick Angier writes:

Bordermaid on the Forth

Bordermaid on the Forth

Just reading your website and details on your Veteran Boats. We now have the fun and privilege of looking after Border Maid – you don’t really own a boat of this vintage. We took ownership in June 2011 and she has been a lot of fun sailing around the Forth. She is now based at Royal Forth Yacht Club in Granton. She is still very sound, but in need of some TLC.

Last winter we took her back to bare wood on the underside – probably taking off Roger Hardwich’s antifouling and found to be still very sound underneath. We also took the transom back to varnished mahogany, but complete varnished topsides will be a step too far. This winter we plan to redo the deck and cabin.

We will bring her down to Blyth sometime, but if any previous owners are ever up her they would be most welcome to come for a sail.

Attached is a recent photo, would love to see some early photos off her, especially from the 1950s / 60s if there are any.

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