In order to cut down on the use of paper, printing and postage costs the club will endeavour to use email, this website, and the club Facebook group to communicate with members whenever possible. To facilitate this please ensure that you have provided the club with your correct email address, and that you keep us informed of any changes (admin@rnyc.org.uk). If you do not have access to email, or you are still unable to receive email from the club after following the advice below, you may collect paper copies of official communications (e.g. AGM papers) from the office or the bar. As a last resort, you may elect to have them posted to you as before. Contact Kristina Fullerton admin@rnyc.org.uk to request this.

Difficulties with email

We are aware that some members have reported difficulty in receiving email from the club. Those with BT email accounts seem to be particularly susceptible.

The software we use for sending out large batches of emails produces a very detailed report each time a mail is sent out and we are confident that the vast majority of these emails are being delivered to the member’s mail servers.

• If you are not receiving email from RNYC you should first check your Spam or Junk folder to see if a message has ended up in there. Many email services provide a button to quickly mark an email is not spam. This may be called something like “not spam”, “not junk”, “move to inbox” or similar. If you do discover that emails from RNYC have ended up in a spam folder, it may help to open the emails and click this button. This should prevent future emails disappearing into the spam folder.

• Add the From email addresses to your contact list or address book or Safe Sender list. The main email addresses we use for mass mailings are: info@rnyc.org.uk, admin@rnyc.org.uk and webmaster@rnyc.org.uk. You should add all three to your Contacts or Safe Sender list .

• If the From email address is in your address book etc., you should check your spam filter settings to be sure that the content and/or address isn’t blocked.

For BT users, here is a link to their advice