Welcome to the new RNYC web site

After a long period of effort, we’ve released the new RNYC web site.

I’ve been greatly assisted by Adrian Park (who’s done the lovely graphical work as well as some of the technical stuff) as well as Bruce Grant who’s done a lot of tedious work copying content over as well as adding some new parts. Thanks to both of them for their efforts.

We’ve still got plans for new things that we’ve not put in place yet, but that’s no reason to hold things up.

Let me know what you think.


2 Responses

  1. Ray McGinty says:

    Hi Carl,

    I spotted a gremlin:

    When I clicked on the link to the Sailing Directions amendments PDF on this page: http://rnyc.org.uk/information/sailing-directions/ I got the 404 Error page and no download happened.

    I’m using Firefox v 26.0 on a Mac OS X 10.9.1

    Also a thought on the page layout. When I scroll to the bottom of any page, the content of the page is very tight against the footer bar. It could do with a bigger margin here visually. Also when submitting comments, the submit button is half obscured by the footer.

    I hope this is helpful.


    • Carl Vincent says:

      Thanks for spotting that Ray, I’ve fixed the link to the amendments. We’ll also take a look at the footer.