First Wednesday Talk 2nd April, A Symposium: Harnessing Modern Technology

The speed of change in IT is exponential; so it is a good time to discuss how it relates to our sailing. The dangers of overreliance, balanced against the amazing increases in safety and confidence provided by some of this new software.
For the Final talk of the 2013/2014 winter season, I have tried something quite different; your involvement.
Please read the details below, and come and enjoy the evening.
If you would like to contribute papers/notes/professional content/ beer etc; then please contact me directly in advance, so we can revise the Agenda.

Peter Lowrie

The final ‘First Wednesday’ Talk of the 2013/2014 winter is on Wed 2nd April and is in the form of:

A Symposium: Harnessing Modern Technology

(Definition of Symposium; from the Greek; A forum for men (and women nowadays) of good family to debate, plot, boast or simply revel with others.)

The evening will be more ‘round table’ than ‘talk’ with each topic having a leader, but everyone who has a piece of equipment, or a relevant app encouraged to show and tell.

8.00pm Communications. Leader; Doug Sharp.
Again, this is not a lecture, but a forum. Bring ideas, equipment, questions.
Doug will have Epirbs, and AIS recovery systems on show, and Paul Common has
agreed to bring VHF radios for some one to one ‘non-live’ communication.

8.30pm Navigation. Leader; Ray McGinty.
A swop shop of ipods and ipads; apps and ops.
Show and tell. Don’t come and say ‘I have something great at home’ Bring it!
The new MaxSea looks fantastic; any users welcome to input.

9.00pm Forecasting and access to weather forecasts. Leader; Peter Lowrie
Marine VHF.
Wifi, mailasail; et all. Live laptop to show favourite sites…up to you.

9.30pm Stay Safe at Sea. Leader tbc (depending on if he gets back in one piece from Thailand)
The Safety Rules for racing (briefly)
Sound rules for cruising; your input here…
Odeo Flares; to discuss.
Gas detection; to discuss.

Points from all four will interrelate, so will discussions about the power to drive all this kit. We will have a white board to hold topics to return to in aob; but there will not be notes taken for recording. Come, debate and share, or as the Greeks were so fond doing; ‘revel with other like-minded people’.

Note: As the Club will not be fully recovered from the electrical upgrade, there will be no meals on Wed 2nd; but to keep with the Greeks, we will have nibbles.