HY Tyne Preservation Update November 2014

As explained in previous reports we are looking at options to undertake the dry berthing of HY Tyne in order that her preservation will be in line with HLF guidelines, ie to preserve her for the next 50 years at least.


Due to this requirement for dry berthing, members of the steering group have been in numerous meetings with crane companies and haulage contractors as well as the Port of Blyth. Before a decision can be reached on what method we will choose to carry out the dry berthing, there is still a certain amount of work to be finalised. We are presently awaiting information from our insurers as to what level of insurance would be required and who they will accept the structural report from on the suitability of the vessel to be craned, slipped, docked or whatever.

All that we do know at this time, is that we are postponing the submission of the Stage 2 application from December 2014 until March 2015. This will mean we do not hear the result of the application until June 2015.

The impact that will have on the timescale of any work on LV50, is that any attempt to undertake the dry berthing is unlikely to take place before August or September 2015.

Our next meeting with HLF is in mid January by which time we hope to have a fuller understanding of the costs involved.