RNYC Pontoon Service Bollards

Electrical contractor and marine pedestal manufacturer Rolec, have started a programme to replace the service bollards on the RNYC pontoons.

Pontoon ‘A’ was completed today (Tuesday 16th December) with ‘B’ expected to be finished tomorrow and ‘C’ by Thursday 18th December.

The new bollards are fitted with ‘Smart’ meters for which you will need a ‘Smart Card’ to purchase power. Each card is assigned to an individual; when you need to top up with credit, you will need to produce your card.

Your card is then loaded with a credit to a value of your choice (in multiples of £1.00) depending on how much you require.

Your first card will be issued free, however replacements will need to be purchased!

Cards will be available from HY Tyne during bar opening hours.

As it takes a little while to initially allocate each card, additional staff will be available at the Club on Wednesday 17th December both at lunchtime and evening, and again on Sunday.

Paul Common