The Rowena Cup pursuit Race 2016


The 2016 Rowena Cup pursuit race will be held on Sunday 3rd July and is open to all RNYC yachts.

Race from Blyth to Tynemouth pier then anchor in the Haven for a communal RNYC picnic.

There will be Individual start times for each boat according to NERR handicap.

Unfortunately, this year Tynemouth Sailing Club can not offer their traditional hospitality i.e. ferry services and drinks and food at TSC clubhouse, but the RNYC boats are welcome to anchor in the haven after the race for communal beer and sandwiches.

Because it is a pursuit race, there will be individual starts for each boat – therefore no start line dramas for the occasional racer!

If you’ve never taken part in a race this is a great chance to get involved so why not come along?

To enter the Rowena Cup, contact Tony Freeth no later than Saturday afternoon at: or call him on 0191 252 9591