North Sea Tall Ships Regatta – Blyth August 26th – 29th

Arrangements for the event

Car Passes

Car passes are available from behind the bar on HY Tyne. – One per membership unit.

The car pass allows access into the one way system which will be in place from The Thursday night until the Monday afternoon. It also allows access into the Port south approach road to the club road barrier.

You must either have your fob with you to gain entry through the barrier or arrange for somebody to be at the barrier with a fob to let you in , otherwise you will be directed straight back out into the one way system. There will be no waiting area at the gate and the area will be heavily patrolled by the event staff.

There is no charge for the passes and we ask that if you are finished with the pass, to hand it in at the bar so others may use it. You do not need the pass to exit the club and back into the one way system.

Water traffic

There will be a lot of water traffic over the weekend but yachts are welcome to cruise up the river observing port to port passing and traveling to the starboard side of the river at all times. Each evening the river section mooring the ships will be closed for the fireworks display from 20.00 The whole river will also be closed from 12.00 noon on the Bank holiday Monday for the parade of sail. This should take about 2 hours.

Should you wish to view the parade from the bay, please exit the south harbour well before 12.00 noon. The tall ships race start will be at 18.00 on the Monday evening approx 5 nm due east of the piers.

There will be no facility for embarking/disembarking from boats to get ashore for the tall ships event. You can only access the event by foot.

There will be a fireworks display each evening and the ships will be open each day from 12.00 noon except for Monday when they will be preparing to leave.

Should anyone have any queries, please email me at:

Or message me on: 07740322576

Iain Robertson
Rear Commodore(Sailing)

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