Bondicar Race 2017 – Result

Sunday 17th September
Race officer: Ken and Mary Murray

Seven willing souls took part in this prestigious ancient event in ‘orrible conditions. A foul tide, very lumpy seas brought on by a bone chilling northerly wind were not ideal conditions. Still the magnificent seven took up the challenge. Because of the ‘orrible conditions it was agreed that the race could be shortened if not a lot of headway was made. Ken and Mary Murray the race officers of the day wisely shortened the course off Newbiggin. It had taken well over two hours just to get there. The trip back was fast and fun but that’s about all the good we could say.


The winner of the Brown Alnmouth Challenge trophy, that one I was under orders not to rewin (it’s huge) were:

Yacht Sail Num WS TCF Elapsed Laps Seconds Corrected (sec) Position
Albany Express 0 .8712  2:13:36  8016  6983.53 1
Summer Wine  1.0931  1:50:30  6630  7247.253 2
Sorcerer  0.9898  2:14:34  8074  7991.64 3
Alchris  0.8331  2:45:20  10220  8514.28 4
Pintail  0.8112  3:00:01  10860  8809.63 5
Phoebe  0.9500  2:43:20  9800 9291.00 6
Baloo  0.9660  3:32:30  12750  12316.50 7

Hopefully once we get this global warming over and done with we might get the pleasant westerlies of days gone by.

Race report by Tony Freeth