RNYC Regatta 2017 Results

Great weather conditions, good courses, lots of partying, good use of the rum shack and almost drinking the bar dry – our Annual regatta went down a storm. Thanks to Mary Murray and her volunteers for driving the event so successfully.


Photo: Allan Smith RNYC

Div 1
1st Summer Wine (RNYC)
2nd Monkey Business (CYC)

Div 2 Albin Nationals
1st Expressly Forbidden (RNYC)
2nd Harriett Express (RNYC)

Div 3
1st Thin Lizzie (SYC)
2nd Lady Eleanor (RNYC)

Overall Winner
Expressly Forbidden  – Jonathan and Pippa Wallis (RNYC)

Tony Freeth

Hon. Sailing Secretary (Joint)