Winter Series 2017-18 Race 3

Race 3

OK that does it. I’m giving up summer sailing in favour of winter sailing. More boats, more folk and more fun. Defrost the boat, remove the snow and ice, melt the running rigging of ice and Robert’s your father’s brother. -2C out there, a lumpy swell and a great very close race. AWP almost snatching victory from Albany – it was so close it’s a draw. Well done guys and to all those hardy souls who took part.

Possible event next week watch this space

Yacht Sail Num WS TCF Elapsed Laps Seconds Corrected (sec) Position
Albany Express 1 equal
1 equal
Lady Elanor 3
Phoebe 4
Alchris 5
Desperate Dan DNS 6

Tony Freeth

Sailing Secretary (Joint)