Winter Racing 25 March

What a fabulous way to end the winter series, conditions ideal for sailing, warm following wind, not so warm beating, flat seas, steady 14k breeze and sunshine just as ordered. Five boats out making the most of winter before summer hits us. The winner was Lady Elanor with Roger and Norna Wilkins and crew.
The final result and worthy winners of a most extraordinary overall prize, no expense spared trophy was Lady Elanor well done Roger, Norna and crew.

Over the series we have had 10 races, 13 boats taking part and some 7 new members getting stuck in. If this winter hasn’t put them off we are lucky to have such new blood and active members.

Personally I’m going to miss the snow, the ice, the lumpy seas, the cold and horizontal rain. But wait – I’m forgetting summer is on its way so more of the same. A big thanks to all that took part, it made Ken’s and my effort so much more worthwhile. Watch this space for some April fun and then we launch into the summer programme

Tony Freeth

Hon. Sailing Secretary (joint)