February 2015 – 1st Wednesday Talk

The History and Management of Coquet Island

We pass Coquet so often, and know so little about it, because as a nature reserve, we are not encouraged to land. I hope‘Landing’ does not include bouncing on the tiny reef on the SW corner, which I have to admit to.

Dr Paul Morrison will put right our lack of knowledge on Wednesday 4th February with a talk about the work he and his team do caring for Coquet Island, and the Wildlife on and around it.

He will go through the history of the Lighthouse, and his work for the RSPB as Northumberland Coast Site Manager. Having been involved for 30 years, initially as a volunteer, it will be interesting to hear about the Island, from his perspective.

The fascinating thing for many will be the birds; home to a regular flock of 44,000 nesting birds, and all manner of feathered visitors; much of it made possible by being the secure sanctuary in the care of RSPB.

Usual 7.30 pm start time with a hot snack from 7.00 pm (and I hope its Mrs B’s chicken broth again…excellent!)

As Paul represents a registered charity; I have asked him to bring along a collection box, and display it prominently.

Peter Lowrie