moorings & electrical usage

We have determined that the electrical fault on the pontoons over recent days is caused by an excessive demand on 'B' pontoon. It will help greatly if boat owners consider the amount of power they need and reduce their demand as much as possible.

It will also help if boat owners who have been allocated berths on 'A' pontoon consider going there as quickly as possible as this will also help to spread the load.

Please refer to the latest mooring plan on the website for your spot. There have been a small number of changes to reflect late arrivals. New plans will be posted at the Club during the weekend.

We are considering what we can do to increase the power supply to the Club but this may involve a new tariff and we will have to consider the cost implications. This may mean we will have to start charging and/or re-introducing smart meters to each pedestal at a further cost to the Club.

Please help us to keep costs and electrical supply problems to a minimum by considering how you can conserve energy on your boat.

Mike Wade