A day in the life of RNYC Boatyard

Im pleased to be able to say the Hoist is now back in operation and thanks go to Peter Gay and Trevor Ashman for getting her ready.
However, the bad news is both tractors have decided they don't want to play during the bad weather with the old blue Fordson going down with a broken gear lever ball socket
this afternoon. We hope to have a new lever within a few days, and the large Case tractor blowing a fuse – well really a hydraulic hose which will be repaired tomorrow morning.
With the expected wind speed and cold front coming through this is probably not the best of times to be lifting boats anyway.
The new fence is almost complete and very grand it looks too, The yard electrics are well on their way and we are installing additional water and electrical socket points around the yard.
Watch this space for more news as it develops.