High Tides & RNYC

Over the past two days a huge amount of work has been done by Mike Wade and his team of Garry Robson, Alan Dewar, Ken Brown Alan Richardson (snr) and Alan Richardson. During the exceptionally high tide yesterday the walkway rose higher than the gangway that is bolted to the jetty causing the gangway bolts to be pulled out and the gangway moved. On the walkway one of the sliders was pulled put of the wooden pile. The violent movement of HY Tyne during the night caused the fresh water supply to rupture at the entry point to the Club ship. The fresh water ingress was faster than the bilge pump outlet so it was only prompt action by the team this morning, that stopped HY Tyne sinking on her moorings. Some of the holding chains that keep the pontoon bridges in place snapped and some of the water supply pipes broke.
Most of this has now been repaired but the water to the pontoons is still turned off. Repairs to that will be made as soon as possible. Also the small gangway leading onto the ClubShip is damaged. Entry to the club ship is therefore via the steps on the starboard side until further notice.

Paul Common