Harbour Master Instruction

To all members: please read this communication from the Harbour Master

Good Morning Gentlemen

We have witnessed a significant increase of RNYC vessels leaving and entering the port under sail alone. There have recently been a number of near miss incidents and close quarter situations with other vessels within the navigable channel. As you are aware we do not permit vessels to operate under sail only within the harbour unless with the HM permission or unless sail is the vessel’s only means of propulsion.

If an incident were to occur enforcement policies exist as does the power to prosecute under the port’s general bylaws 6 & 11(1). I trust this will not be necessary.

However please urgently speak to your members regarding this issue as we cannot condone unsafe practice or the increased risk of a marine incident.

I think this is self explanatory so please act accordingly and pass on this information to others who may not be aware.

Tony Freeth

Hon Sailing Secretary (joint)