Sailing in the fairway – some clarification

After some misinformation from the harbour watch on Wednesday evening and some concern from members I have been to see the new harbour master to get the definitive action needed when using the fairway and harbour waters. The instruction given on Wednesday by the watch keeper that  “there is to be no tacking in the fairway” is wrong.

What the harbour want from us is:

  • Radio in and out each time on channel 12
  • Keep a listening watch on channel 12
  • If you are sailing in the fairway keep your engine either running or ready to run at a moment’s notice
  • They would prefer us to use engine power as it clears the fairway quickly
  • If you are asked to wait whilst a larger vessel is in transit wait in South harbour or well away from the river entrance.
  • There is to be no sailing beyond the round end up river, unless agreed e.g. parade of sail etc.
  • If you do get into trouble in the fairway immediately inform the harbour master
  • We can use the fairway to start and finish races only after checking with the harbour master that there is no shipping due

All sensible precautions that have been practised in the past for most parts but worth reiterating

Tony Freeth

Hon. Sailing Secretary (joint)