1998 – Katy’s Adventure



My Dad, me, David, Barbara and Jacob, were all going up in a car to Edinburgh, so we could sail David’s yacht “Orion” from Edinburgh down to Blyth. David and Barbara are married and have a son, Jacob, who is three. I’m called Katy and I’m eleven, this is how my sailing adventure began.

Day 1

It was hot and stuffy in the car on the way to Orion, so my best bet was to sleep. I fell asleep with Jacob by my side, and was woken up when we got to the yacht club at Granton. We made our way along the pontoon, in the darkness, to Orion. We climbed aboard and started to get things ready for our trip.

Orion is 26 feet by 9 feet and there is enough room for six people aboard. Our plan was to motor sail through the night along the Firth of Forth to Holy Island, so the longest bit of the trip would have been done.

Since Jacob and I were very tired, us two and Barbara decided to go inside and up the forepeak so we could go to sleep. While we slept David and Dad stayed up all night and took turns of steering every three hours. By the time we woke up we were nearly at Holy Island.

Day 2

We planned to stay at Holy Island for the night, so we could finish off the rest of the journey the day after. Little did we know what was to happen next. We were anchored up in the Ouse because we had to wait until high tide so as we could get nearer to the shore. Eventually high tide came and just as we started the engine we heard a ‘clunk’! Dad and David panicked and Dad found, after an inspection, that a key had come adrift from the propshaft. This had to be put back in. David decided that he had to go into the water to push the shaft back in. David got in right up to his neck, but he couldn’t take it and climbed back out again. Dad called David a ‘chicken’ and then was dared to go in himself. Dad said ‘no’ and carried on trying to fix the shaft. Dad eventually had an idea and fixed the shaft. Later on Dad was dared again to go into the water for a swim for £20. Dad said ‘Well, I fancy a swim’, and started to get undressed. He also got in up to his neck and swam a bit, but he couldn’t take the coldness either and got out straight away. David kept his £20! Later on we all went out for a meal on Holy Island then all had an early night.

Day 3

Orion at sea

Orion at sea

When I woke up David and Dad had already got everything ready, so we had some breakfast. We set off and decided to stop of at Inner Farne. We anchored up in the Kettle and me, Dad, David and Jacob rowed across in the dinghy, while Barbara sat on Orion and read a book. We got across and then realised that we had forgotten the money, so Dad rowed all the way to Orion and back and brought the money to us. We paid to get onto Inner Farne and followed the path around. We finished looking around and then rowed back to Orion. Later on we set off again to Amble (which was our last stop). I sat up front and dangled my legs over the side. After a time I decided to have a sunbathe and I fell asleep. In a short while we arrived at Amble. When we got there my Mum and Stephanie (my little sister) were waiting. Then we all went out for fish and chips. When we had finished Stephanie said that she would like to stay for the night and finish the journey with us. So that night Stephanie slept with me and Mum went home.

Day 4

In the morning we had breakfast and set sail for Blyth. I felt a bit sea sick, so I went down below for a rest, and so did Stephanie and Jacob. When I awoke we were already pulling into RNYC, so we went for lunch on the club ship – and that ended my adventure.