Friends of LV50

The Friends of LV50 was formed on 24th November 2014 from a group of interested local people who wished to promote the heritage and preservation of the lightship LV50, presently the club ship of the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club.

Built in 1879 as Light Vessel 50 for Trinity House, LV 50 served in many treacherous locations around the UK coast before being purchased by RNYC in 1952.

The primary roles of the Friends of LV50 are:

  • To promote and encourage an understanding and interest of the public at large in the preservation of LV50.
  • To educate a wide audience including schools about the heritage of LV50 by whatever means.
  • Promote access by way of open days and dissemination of information relating to the preservation and national historical significance of LV50.
  • Discover and record the unknown history of LV50.

Within the short period since we were established we have become a cohesive group able to successfully undertake a variety of activities. We are regarded by the RNYC as an asset and our work and contribution are recognized and appreciated.

  • We have held fund raising public open evenings preceded by tours of LV 50.
  • We have provided a presentation to a group of visiting school children and their guardians.
  • We have participated in the RNYC 125 centenary celebrations preparing a history of the past 25 years of the club and mounting a public exhibition.
  • We have collected additional material and prepared presentations on the history of LV50.
  • In 2015 we organized and ran the 2 Heritage Open days for the vessel.

The Friends are active in recruiting new members, hosting events including Heritage Open Days, and raising funds.

For details on how to join the Friends of LV50 please contact Lilliane S Chan via email using:

It should be noted that whilst RNYC support the work of the Friends and wish to collaborate with them, the Friends of LV50 are an autonomous group benefiting from Affiliate membership of RNYC