HY Tyne Preservation Newsletter May 2014

This is the first of a monthly update to keep you all informed of the Heritage Lottery Funded project to preserve our House Yacht Tyne.

As you are aware, we were awarded our stage 1 funding from Heritage Lottery last month, which will allow us to bring in all the paid experts such as the Surveyor & the shipwright to complete their work on estimating the amount needing to be done to preserve her. They will then provide us with a confirmed price which should generally be in line with our initial estimates and which formed part of our submission to Heritage Lottery for the full funding amount.

We expect to be submitting our final formal application for the balance of the funding required in November of this year.
However, being advised we have achieved our stage 1 award was only the start. Before we could commence work and bring in the experts we were required to obtain “permission to start” and this took almost a further three weeks to put together encompassing a further large amount of documentation.

Heritage Lottery have now come back to us requesting proof that it is indeed the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club, which owns the vessel. You can imagine that after owing her for some 62 years this has been exceedingly difficult to locate.

It resulted in a visit to Northumberland Archives in Woodhorn, trawling through all Club archived documents from that era to see what could be found. That in itself was an interesting experience with Solicitors letters in copperplate script and hand written letters from our then Secretary Mr Bartlett to Solicitors and the then ships owner in Ipswich, some of which were in a very cordial style as befitted the 1950’s.

As an aside, we bid against the ship breaker in Ipswich to Trinity House who then owned LV 50, an amount of some £100. The Shipbreaker won the bid with an amount of £152, but we were then able to purchase her from the ship breaker for £500 after most of the valuable metal fittings and chain ballast was removed from the hull.
The rest is History, except to say that as a parting gift, the Ships bell hanging in our saloon beside the mast was provided to us from Ipswich when LV 50 was towed up to Blyth. They even paid for the bell to be inscribed as you see her today.

Alas, we were unable to find any document or bill of sale confirming we owned the vessel.
After further discussion with Heritage Lottery it was agreed that the Club should make a statutory declaration . A statutory declaration allows a person to make a legal declaration under oath and in the presence of a lawyer. They are commonly used when an individual needs to satisfy a legal requirement by affirming the truth of something.

We expect this to be completed during the next week and submitted to Heritage Lottery at which time permission to commence the project will be granted and we will receive the first 50% of our stage 1 award.

During the next few weeks you will also see evidence of the grant by way of signage which we are required to display around the club perimeter and on the vessel confirming Heritage Lottery involvement in our project.

Finally, on the 20h of this month, the author Anthony Lane who wrote the definitive book on Light Vessels “Guiding Lights” will visit us. He has been an excellent source of information to us and in particular to Dave Morgan. He holds the original drawings of the lantern fitted to our vessel and will be sitting down with the Steering Group to discuss these.