Oil Disposal

We had a visit from the Port of Blyth Health Officer Wednesday 4th concerned that individuals are depositing containers of used oils & old oil filters in the rubbish compound on the Middle Jetty which is not set up to receive such material. This practice must cease immediately or he will take further action against the Club.

This is just simple laziness on behalf of individuals.

Royal Northumberland Yacht Club does not have facilities for collecting used oil and we have asked everyone before to take your used oil and filters/oily rags home for disposal.

Once again, someone will have to spend time & money collecting all these together and removing them to an oil waste disposal facility. The Port does have one and we have asked them to make one available to us within our yard but they are unwilling to do so presently.

Please cease & desist from leaving your used oil for Volunteer Club members to have to collect and dispose.