HY Tyne closures for shipwright work

On Monday, we will receive into the Club, a team of shipwrights from T. Nielsen of Gloucester. They will be around for up to 2 weeks as they conduct a thorough and final investigation of HY Tyne’s hull integrity and will be joined by the Surveyor, Richard Ayres during next week. Richard is pre-eminent in surveying timber vessels of our size, within the UK.
During this time, part of the bimini will be rolled back to allow a thorough investigation of the stem. You may also notice that we will be placing water barrels on the top deck to heel the vessel so the shipwrights can remove underwater sheathing and extract pins for analysis of condition.

When the ship is heeled over, we will have to close the vessel to all members and will ensure that this is only done at a time when members are not inconvenienced. We will endeavour to keep you informed as to this particular work but please be patient if there is any small inconvenience.