Rowena Cup and Tyne party weekend – 23/24th June 2018

This weekend is about the Rowena Cup race and rally up river to the City Marina for an overnight stay and taking in the wonders of the Great Exhibition of the North. Your start time from the river Blyth will be posted nearer the date. Boats should arrive at the mouth of the Tyne at approximately the same time. The race should finish at about 11.30hrs whereupon we muster in the haven and set off en-masse up the river.

The Harbour has been notified and we will confirm the flotilla on the day. If you are not racing, be at the muster area, the Haven, and join up with the race fleet there. We will be going up on a rising tide peaking at 13.00hrs at Newcastle. The bridge opening time is booked for 13.00hrs. Only those who have submitted berthing forms will get a berth at City Marina.

As the moorings are free, we have been asked to dress overall, fly flags etc. as a thank you to the marina and help them with their exposure. There will be a prize for the best boat.

Tyne Harbour have asked us all to check with navigation notices at this link;

There is a pontoon moored in the middle of the river for the exhibition display. You need to go round this in an anticlockwise direction whilst waiting to moor up.

Make sure you have adequate fenders and warps. There will be line handlers waiting on the pontoons. It is essential you moor up in the prescribed order. You will moor up starboard side to. Once you have tied off,  help others coming in.

The bridge lifts for Sunday will be notified nearer the date. Keep a watch on this site and the Facebook Group for any alterations etc to these instructions.