1st Wednesday Talk: John Hansen – Sailing to Freedom

Wednesday 5th November, 8:00pm

There have been many groups of people who have taken it into their own hands to escape persecution or hostile regimes over the years.

John Hansen (of Neutron Star) has long been interested in those escaping by boat. There are two groups who have a particular interest for him, and he has agreed to speak about them on Wednesday 5th Nov:

1) An escape from Russian oppression by an extended family of Estonian Refugees, on the Yacht Erma; which was recorded in a book with the talk’s title.
2) The huge exodus from Vietnam following the American withdrawal, which coined the expression ‘Boat People’

John has an interesting link between these two, and will show how little has changed in boats, and escaping, over so many years.

I am sure you will want to give support to a member’s experiences.