First Wednesday talk: 5th April 2017
LV50 – Fresh Perspectives


Light Vessel 50/HY Tyne III has served as the much-loved house yacht of the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club since she was acquired in 1951. She is the oldest floating lightship in the United Kingdom and as such has important historical significance, which makes the vessel a valuable asset for the RNYC, Blyth and the nation.

Research by the Friends of LV50 has led to many new discoveries about the vessel’s construction, fittings, crew and postings. Their work continues and this evening Lester, Frank and Lilliane will share facts, stories and video revealing the national historical importance of the vessel and an insight into the working lives of her crews.

Lester Sher will present “Fresh Perspectives LV 50”

Frank Higham will take us through some contemporaneous readings and video footage.

Lilliane Chan will share experiences of research endeavours and achievements.

H Y Tyne

7:30 pm start

Ray McGinty