Wednesday evening racing

Countdown to the first Wednesday evening race starts now. This coming Wednesday the 1st 19.00hrs

Food available after sailing.

What our venerable and much regarded Rubbish Racing Tip rubbish Guru didn’t mention is the first rule of racing.’you have to be in it to win itespecially in a series.

Sunday 5th May is the pursuit race to the Lock/Zetland first boat off at 11.00hrs ,times to follow.

Matt Simms has kindly offered us free berthing on the visitors pontoon for the event and Leo of the Lock will lay on fast Beef/Pork Chicken sandwiches for those who don’t want to wait for a full meal,it will be busy,Bank Holiday.

Also an ideal time to top up your fuel tanks

Please let me know if you are interested so I can let the Lock and Matt know for numbers.

It will also help Roger Wilkins set start times. Its going to be a great outing.

Tony Freeth

Hon. Sailing Secretary (joint)