Noel Kelly of California writes:

In the late 1940s I was a member of the 1st.Tyne Sea Scout Troop headquartered in Newcastle upon Tyne with a second facility in the old Ice House at South Harbour, Blyth. The Scout-master was Commander S.D.Newton R.N.ret. who was known as ‘Uncle’, and was a member of the Royal Northumberland Yacht Club. He owned a 55 ft. Yawl named Gladwyena which was moored adjacent to the Yacht Club. I understand that ‘Uncle’ died many years ago but I was curious as to what happened to the Gladwyena. I am originally from Gateshead but have lived in California since 1959 and I am trying to retrace my youth. If anyone can give me any information about Uncle, the Gladwyena or the Sea Scout Troop I would really appreciate it.

Those who were members in the 1960s say Gladwyena was sold out of the Club shortly after Uncle Newton’s death in 1968 or thereabouts. The only subsequent trace is a photo in one of the yachting magazines of the period showing Gladwyena on charter in the Caribbean. We don’t know which magazine. Others say she was broken up on the R Tyne. We would be glad to hear from any reader with more information.

On 14 March 2006 John D.J. Woodcock wrote:

Your correspondant asks about Gladwyena. I was fortunate enough to go on her last cruise with the 1st Tyne Sea Scout troop probably in 1954 or 55, I don’t remember ‘Uncle’ being with us. Uncle Newton died around 1956/7. The yawl was sold shortly afterwards. The Lloyds Register of Shipping a few years later had her in the Caribbean doing charter work and she was later re-rigged as a ketch.

On 16 January 2013 Peter Raymond wrote that he has set up a Yahoo! Group 1stTyneSeaScoutsFriends for 1st Tyne Sea Scouts with more information about Gladwyena.

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  1. Lesley says:

    Hi I found a photo of the Gladwyna (1908) in a second hand shop in North Shields today. Came across this page whilst searching for information regarding the ship. The inscription back of photo reads: 1st Tyne Sea Scouts
    Gladwyna 1908
    came to Blyth 1946?
    Left Blyth (sold)
    Sept 1958
    To Burnham on Crouch
    Regards Lesley