Weather Observations Project

Frank Singleton has written asking for help to bring WOW to the attention of anyone with an automatic weather station. The idea of crowd sourcing weather observations is the next big thing in forecasting. Your Android phone can be a mobile weather station see The WOW project Frank refers to is being run by the Met Office at The object is to collect and make freely available data from those (mainly) automatic weather stations stations not run by National Weather Services. There are many UK stations but more will be welcome. It is spreading to Continental Europe; it is well established in Australia; it is gaining ground in North America and the Caribbean; there is a sprinkling of stations all around South America. Clearly, it is becoming a truly worldwide service.

Obviously, it is a useful resource for those sailors wanting to get latest local weather information. More importantly it is intended that the data will be used in detailed local area weather forecast models.
This is not possible just now for technical reasons that are being addressed.

Frank will be one of the speakers at the Cruising Conference on 22 February 2014 at the Discovery Museum. See