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Although we are well into our Summer Season and everyone is enjoying the fine weather & their holidays, I thought it useful to tell you some of the things happening at present.

We expect to sign the new 25-year lease before the month end & we have now taken over the yard space previously occupied by Northumberland College who have been relocated next to the Harbour Masters Office.
It is our intention to remove the old portacabin and steel container from this yard and this will become the home for all the dry racers.

As part of the Lease agreements we have gained from the Port of Blyth, they have also agreed to install a new fence around both the main yard and encompassing the new College yard at their expense.
This will be a palisade fence similar to the fence around the fish plant and Port area and will be to a height of 2.4metres rather than the 2.1metres we have presently.
The order for this fencing has been placed and we expect the work to commence shortly.
At around the same time, it is our intention to complete the rewiring of the boatyard. We will install pedestal units with both power & water but these will all be metered. Three pedestals will be placed along the south fence and three along the north fence each with four connection points which should be more useful for yard users as they work on their boats.

We have spent some considerable time attempting to find a solution to removing into the main yard, the old Rushforth shed but because of Health & Safety concerns expressed by the Port this has not been possible. We will therefore be building a small timber garage to house the tractors, adjacent the folk boat shed using the timber recovered from the portacabin in the College yard.

We expect all this work to be completed by end of October at the latest and we may call on volunteers to assist us in this regard. This will complete the round of heavy projects we have had to work through over the last couple of years.

Turning now to the House Yacht and our Heritage Lottery bid, we have made considerable progress in bringing this to fruition. The sheer scale of the project is extremely demanding but our bid is almost ready for submission and we have been very surprised at the amount of goodwill and interest that this has generated from around the area including Northumberland County Council and Blyth Borough Council.
However, following talks with Heritage Lottery and the Blyth Tall Ships Project who are also bidding for funds, it was seen that HLF would have insufficient funds to support an award to both parties at the same time.
Given that Tall Ships is a Charity and need a cash flow to support their apprentice program it was agreed with HLF that we would delay our bid until the December round and this has also received the whole hearted support of Port of Blyth.
This does give us time to complete our matched funding exercise, which is also coming along very well.
The projected time scales will therefore be, an initial stage 1 bid approval in March 2014, a final bid submission around August or December 2014, with approval to commence work in the spring of 2015.

In terms of the Port, it is worth noting that the Rushforth shed and the old lifeboat station are likely to be demolished by the year-end and a new fence line installed on this side of the road. They intend to turn their attention to Campbells yard next and so it is expected we may lose this space by 2015 at the latest.

The Biomass plant at Battleship wharf will commence building next year and is expected to bring 100 jobs to the Port. Shipping traffic will increase considerably from 2015 onwards.
In September this year, the construction of the new harbour wall and Newcastle University building adjacent to Blyth Tall Ships will start leading to a further improvement in this area of the port & Town.

If anyone has any questions then please contact any of the Flag Officers.

Paul Common


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  1. Ken Hastie says:


    The River Blyth Boating Asociation recently bought one of these from Machine Mart:×1?da=1&TC=SRC-garage

    You may want to consider getting one of these rather than building a tractor garage with all the work and ongoing maintenance involved.

    Reason I mention it is I was well impressed with teh quality and cost of these garage units. The RBBA woudl let you see theirs I am sure and it's just up the road. Theirs is anchored down to a concrete base and has fitted eletrics and lighting. Worth a look.