Winter Series 2017-18 Race 2

Race 2

Incredible !! the coldest day of the year so far and we get 7 boats signing on for the 2nd winter series race.1 couldn’t sail as the crane malfunctioned,1 couldn’t sail because of battery malfunction 1 couldn’t sail because of foil malfunction which left 4 to fight it out. A great sail in a decent breeze and lively sea saw AWP win followed by Albany Express ,Alchris and bringing up the rear Lady Elanor due to a skipper malfunction .ce la vie.
25+ sailors swelling the bar and lounge enjoying apre food drink and fine company.Roll on race 3.Watch this space.


Yacht Sail Num WS TCF Elapsed Laps Seconds Corrected (sec) Position
Albany Express
Alchris 3
Lady Elanor 4

Tony Freeth

Sailing Secretary (Joint)