Sandcastle Building Competition and Race to Newton – June 9/10 2018

Totally dependent on weather – ‘whether’ the winds are from the west and ‘whether’ there is a nice big high over us.
A decision will be made towards the end of the week commencing 4th June.

Set off any time on the 9th June from RNYC.  If you are racing take your time from the moment you leave the piers to the moment you start to drop anchor in Newton Bay. This may include the time you drop sails and motor into position. Let Tony Freeth have your times.
There will be a line drawn in the sand below high water mark.  Approx half tide (17.00hrs) you will proceed to said line and start building a sandcastle on the seaward side of the line.

The aim of the build is that all who took part in the build will stand on the castle as the tide surrounds you. The winner will be the last team dry standing.

Obviously the sooner you get there the bigger the castle!

High water will be 21.19hrs
Distance as the seagull flies – 25 miles – 4-6 hours
The largest tool you can use is a number 2 square mouth shovel, JCBs, bulldozers and dumper trucks are forbidden.
After the competition a BBQ on the beach – bring disposable BBQs and food.
After that The Mad March Hare ‘cricket’ game or something similar.
After that to the pub.
Sunday, if desired, can be a race back to Blyth or a leisurely cruise in company.

The RNYC Sailing Directions show suitable anchoring area within the bay.
Ensure your anchor, windlass etc is working, you have enough chain and rope and you have a dinghy with the means of getting you ashore.

Tony Freeth

Hon. Sailing Secretary (joint)