New year reminder about security.

The boatyard gates are still being left open at the end of day.
Please before you leave look around and if you are the last person out lock the gates.
Until this happens thefts from boats are going to continue.



5 Responses

  1. Max says:

    its not working is it?

  2. tony freeth says:

    so.. who should you blame?

  3. Ken Hastie says:

    Maybe install low cost cameras covering the gates area? Cost should be no more than £200 – £300 with a DVR recorder. Easily installed. This will identify who is failing to lock up and also give some protection against unwanted "wanderers"

  4. Max says:

    Only one option really gates that work like the barrier? This has gone on for years and nobody takes any notice of club e mails, notice board or mail shots.
    Its not about blame?? The above e mail/notice board/ mail shots aint working?

  5. Tony Falloon says:

    We could always adopt a system where the gate is kept locked at all times, when you want access, you let yourself in and lock the gate behind you, when you let yourself out, again you lock the gate behind you. This system is simple, free and works very well without fault at my place of employment.