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  1. Ken Hastie says:

    Wbilst this is useful information, it is all VERY confusing and I wish someone could get to grip swith it all to present sensible, ordered information. There is a statement on the Gateshaed Council website 'Millenium Bridge' page that shipping tilts are not within the control of Gateshaed Council, but they do not say under whose control it is.

    Then they say the bridge will open at noon every day from May to September, but list additional times which include 1205 pm (is this really 5 minutes after the noon tilt, or do they mean 0005 hrs? It would be helpful if they stated the time in a conventional way. What is 1935 pm ? One assumes they mean 7.35 pm

    The way in which the information is published is confusing and does not follow established conventions for determining times.

  2. Ken Hastie says:

    To be fair to Gateshead Council, they corrected their website to a standard convention of stating times within 2 days ! Now the times are clear.