Loss of Trophy – ‘Cheeta’

It seems that the sailing Trophy donated to the Club by Mrs J. Fothergill has gone missing from the Forepeak cabin, where it was being held for safekeeping together with the display model of the Chinese Junk, whilst refurbishment of the Bar & Saloon interior were completed.

It is disappointing to think that someone would remove this model without the permission of the Committee or Flag Officers who are responsible for the safe keeping of all the Club assets.
Would whoever has taken the model return it to the same place as it was held and nothing more will be said.

Can I remind members that the Assets of the Club belong to all the members and unless permission is sought & given, Club property should not be removed from the Club premises.

Mike Wade


One Response

  1. mandy says:

    how very sad that a member would take anything from the club and its environs, please return the said object ,many thanks