RNYC & Blyth Town fair

As part of our Heritage Lottery bid and to seek support from Blyth Town Council, RNYC took a small stand, at no cost to the Club to promote our activities and tell people what we intend to do to preserve our House Yacht. the objective being to raise awareness and seek volunteers to become friends of LV 50 as part of the required Educational outreach programme we have to put together for the bid.
The stand was organised by Susi Robertson & Karen Blenkinsop, assisted during Saturday and today by Emily Clough, Diane Carr and Sarah Kendal.
I would like to thank them all for their commitment & support to the project.
Being on the stand was tiring but interesting and we picked up a number of people who remembered the Vessel when she first arrived, were willing to become involved or had a tale to tell about her History.
Well done everyone of you and thanks for your time & patience – Oh and the couple of quid people donated, thinking the box into which we put our name & address slips from interested people was really a collection box.
How about we donate that to our supported charity this year?