Wednesday night race A2 Series race 5

Following last nights sailing committee meeting it was decided unanimously to discard the Wednesday night race (series 2 , race 5) for the following reasons.
1. Not all competitors were informed of the waypoint option (added late to the sailing instructions).
2. Ambiguous sailing instructions (either fixed mark or waypoint)
3. Not enough notice given for requirement of GPS to compete
This was not an easy decision.
Iain Robertson
Hon Sailing sec.


2 Responses

  1. Dave Morgan says:

    A very poor decision made as a knee jerk reaction to one competitor who threatened not to race anymore and who should have protested within one hour of finishing as required by our racing rules.
    As a result my series is ruined and Shotgun will not compete in the remaining races of the series.

  2. Ken Hastie says:

    It seems that not only do we need to keep our eyes open for fisherman's lead weights/hooks at the entrance to the harbour, but also flying dummies 🙂