First Wednesday Talks – 2017-18 Programme

2017-18 Programme

Organiser: Clive Griffith

  • 4th October “Marine Insurance Matters”
    Nick Tonge and Margaret Smithurst of North P and I Club will talk about the Marine Insurance industry including the Amoco Cadiz and Exxon Valdex.North are based in Newcastle on the quayside and handle 10% of the world’s tonnage in terms of commercial shipping insurance.
  • 1st November “I fought the law …”
    Michael Robinson of Emmersons Law Firm will talk about how to keep your driving licence (within the law) even if the penalty points are mounting up and general advice about the law as it affects those who drive.
  • 6th December “Serving Seafarers”
    Paul Atkinson of the Apostleship of the Sea will explain how they help professional seafarers in distress with practical as well as pastoral care.
  • 31st January  “That don’t impress me much!”
    Robert Bell, a local lad who trained as a marine engineer will talk about his work on superyachts in the Med with regard to looking after the oily bits and commissioning new yachts.
  • 7th February “Looking after your diesel engine and drivetrain”
    Terry Collison of Royston Marine will give a talk about looking after your diesel and ancillary equipment.Royston are the agents for Volvo Penta and Yanmar.
  • 7th March  “Face to face with the wildlife of Botswana”
    Di Carr will talk about her visit to Botswana and her interaction with the local fauna.
  • 4th April  “Crab’s Odyssey”
    Penny Minnie will talk about crossing the Med from Malta to Istanbul in an open 17 foot sailing boat.