Winter 2017-18 series – thinking outside the box

The aim is to have a relaxed series, more about using boats and the club than points and prizes.
The First race will be on Sunday 12th Nov at 12.00 and approximately every two weeks following but in general using the fine weather days rather than fixed dates.

Any club boat can take part in any race without the need to enter the series.
We will be trying pursuit races around the bay and harbour with possibly performance handicaps and see how it goes.

There are plenty of crewing opportunities for old and new members, just come down on the day and we will get you on a boat, as long as you can move from side to side in under five minutes!

Hopefully we intend to have the odd away day, say to the Herb garden at Royal Quays on non-race days.
Races will be announced and cancelled on this site, so let’s get the first one done, see how it goes and decide how to continue.

Tony Freeth and Ken Murray

Joint Hon. Sailing Secretaries

Late Winter Series 2017-18

Race 1 – November 12th

Race 2 – November 26th

Race 3 – December 10th

Race 4 – January 7th

Race 5 – January 21st

Race 6 – February 4th

Race 7 – February 18th