4th March: Cold Water Shock – Alan Dixon

1st Wednesday talk on 4th March at 7.30 pm will be the one we all want to avoid. The shock of falling off our boats, and into the North Sea.

A sobering title for a talk and film, to be introduced by Alan Dixon, Commodore of Sunderland Yacht Club.

Alan plans to sail up to Blyth on Wednesday 4th and stay on board, so lets hope the weather is good, and one or two others with boats in commission will join him on the pontoon, and share a dram to keep warm!!

The Film ‘cold water shock’ is produced by the RNLI and features advice from Mike Tipton, a World Authority on the topic, and it is presented by Julia Bradbury, which is a bonus. Alan will talk about what happens if you are unfortunate enough to fall into the water, and how best to survive.

There will be a practical element to the evening; hands on, lifejackets on.
Alan is happy to check over your lifejackets, and advise on the right product for the right place.

I have also asked Andy Burgess from Storrar Marine to bring and show a range of newer products, to discuss the merits and advantages of modern communications.

Alan Dixon has been involved in RNLI since joining the Sunderland lifeboat in 1984 as a member of the crew, and is still involved today as the Station Sea Safety Officer, and Lifeboat Deputy Launching Authority. His sailing experience is rich and varied, from Windsurfing in the 80’s to his current delightful Contessa 32, Charlotte.

A Chilli and rice will be available from 6.45 pm, Start 7.30 pm.